Thursday, 17 September 2009

Holidays, Toronto

Hi Friends,
Well Mary and I have returned after our lovely 10 days in and around Toronto. we have had a really lovely break. we were blessed with some wonderful, not warm...HOT sunshine every day. The hotel we had chosen proved to be a winner and we have seldom had such helpful and friendly staff, not one grumpy face in the place, in fact we had wonderful service from everyone we met. we discovered that our hotel was the biggest in Toronto and it certainly was the busiest!! never a dull moment. We were very lucky to be able to stay one night down at Niagara in the Sheridan Hotel, where we had a room that looked directly over onto the Falls which was every bit as spectacular as everyone had said it would be. It would be hard to say when the falls looked their best, in the clear afternoon, or early morning when the mist hung around, or in the evening when they were lit up in many colours just like a giant curtain.

Falls by night
I can hardly believe it !! I have managed to get a photograph to appear. Thank you Jeanette.
Now that I have done it once hopefully I will be able to do it again.
Once we were back in Toronto we mainly walked and walked..or in my case trundled !! Poor Mary's legs were nearly down to stumps. we had thought there would be accessable transport as most of the public transport here is now wheelchair friendly, however we soon realise that was not to be. The first day we were there we had booked a "HIPPO" tour this was a city tour by a bus type vehicle that could also go on water what fun it was...however we had to get to the starting point and that meant a then we had not yet got our we oredered a taxi to cost $10c the doorman asked if we would like a wheelchair access taxi and I said yes, only to discover that would cost $25c !!!! guess what I said to that, so an ordinary taxi was called and although the wheelchair I accept is very heavy, the taxi driver was quite ok about it. (That is something that would not be allowed in the UK as it would be classed as discrimination to cost more than double the normal costs). The costs of most things we found quite high. There were some lovely parks around and Mary and I did a good deal of sitting around them ! also in center of town was the lovely Nathan Square and people watching was fun there. Many weddings took place in the Civic Hall and it was fun watching them come and go...Another day we took a taxi down to the waterfront and managed to get a cruise round Toronto Islands and also visited a lovely shopping mall down that way and I was delighted to find a museum there that had an exhibition dedicated to Innuit Art. I am most interested in this lovely art so was doubly delighted to be able to see it. Next time I am on I will try to add some more photographs
Mary and I have had a touch of jet lag since we came home I had forgotten about that !!!
So this is just a quickie to say that we are back and say Hi to you all



  1. Hurrah - you're back !!
    And it sounds as if you both had a marvellous time, complete with great weather. Plus a hotel room overlooking Niagra ! Looking forward to hearing more about it Sybil and seeing more photo's.


  2. Wonderful picture, glad you had a nice trip :o)

  3. Welcome home, Sybil! So glad you and Mary had a nice get some rest! :) Hugs, Beth

  4. Glad to hear that you and Mary are home safe and sound. I think Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful and awesome sights to behold, although it is always crammed with people and very busy. I found the sound of the falls quite amazing. Toronto is a lovely city, very clean, or at least when I was there. I used to live not far outside the city in a suburb called Georgetown and my sister in law livedin Toronto proper and we visited often. I, too, found that Canada was very expensive the last time I was home. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures and reading more about your adventure! Good luck with the jet lag!