Thursday, 3 September 2009

Happy days, Puppies Pugs,

Good evening friends, This will be a short note as I am going to have an early night. Mary and I will have to be up real early as we are leaving here at 6am. The packing is now finished. I wonder how many people like packing ? I find it quite a challenge as I have to travel as lightly as possible as everything for both Mary and I has to be able to be transported on the well as me !! I have even got Mary's down to a fine art, she puts so much out we might need a transporter if left to her own packing !!

I had a lovely weekend. friends were down visiting my sister Sarah and we met them on Saturday morning. I had Dee my wee dog with me and they were delighted with him and said that they thought that they would have to have another dag...their last one having died at Easter...however they were very sure that they wanted a "pug" and they were very hard to get... as they explained that I suddenly remembered that in our local paper I had seen an advert for just that pug dogs...when I told them they got so excited. I promised to look for the paper when I got home after Mary and I had been shopping in Chippenham..this I did but by that time they had gone out and didn't return till 3.45 when I called them with the news telephone number etc. Sarah phoned down shortly afterwards to say that they had ..gone...for puppy over to took them about 3 hours to go there and collect the wee pup 9 weeks old so were not back to Sarah's utill 10.30pm. Such excitement it caused. I was so pleased for them. I can't say that a Pug would be my choice of a dog but they sure love him...

Now I will close with a wee poem that my Brother in Law has just recently written. It was written about and for Bill who was their very elderly neighbour...I hope that you will all enjoy it ...


I was in the back garden for a look at the sky
When a movement next door, upstairs, caught my eye.
The back bedroom curtain was moving about
I thought “Something is in there, I’ll give Bill a shout”
So I went to tell him and loudly I told
“I will go and investigate” – him being old.

As I entered the room, was it feathered or furred?
But there in the window, as I’d hoped, t’was a bird.
It must have come into the eaves in the gloom
Down the loft hatchway and into the room.
So gently I caught this dark bird, What a thrill!
Then carefully downstairs, to show it to Bill.

“You are honoured” he said “For that bird never lands
and now you are holding a swift in your hands”
Then I took it outside and said a goodbye
And it went like an arrow up into the sky.

John Mitchell. August 2009

It is a timely reminder that Autumn is fast approaching as the swifts have now gone to warmer places. The leaves on the trees are turning brown and by the time Mary and I return on the 15th. I have no doubt many lovely colours will be showing.

Until we return. Look after yourselves and always remeber to.



  1. The puppy is adorable and I'm glad they got what they wanted. Have a wonderful safe trip. I do hope you manage well with the luggage and all. Take care and we'll look forward to hearing about your trip after the 15th.

  2. That is one cute puppy! I hate packing and find I always bring what I don't need and leave an important piece behind! I hope you have a safe & fabulous trip. A lovely poem for Bill.

  3. Glad you were able to help them get the dog they wanted. A Pug would not be my choice either (I have a scar to prove it), but they are happy and that must be satisfying to you :o) Have a great trip.

  4. Pugs are so darn cute, even if they ARE a little feisty! Safe travels to you and Mary, Sybil, and have a wonderful time! Hugs, Beth

  5. How cute is that puppy?? Simply adorable !
    Im quite the expert at packing now Sybil - Ive learnt what to take and more importantly what not to take !
    Have a wonderful time both of you and a safe journey,



  6. I'm like Mary Sybil..I want to take the kitchen sink with me. Even if I'm only going away for the weekend! lol!
    I'm not into wee Pugs either but it looks adoreable just the same. Have a lovely holiday both of you. Well done to John for his lovely poem. He's a clever man.
    Jeanie xxx

  7. what a beautiful entry! please come by adn visit me soon Sybil!

  8. Hey Sybil,

    I just got back from a camping trip with my family in South Carolina. I hate unpacking because it means the trip is over. I hope you have a nice trip. Do take care.