Friday, 28 August 2009

Balloons, Exams,

Tonight I start with a photographs above of a HUGE red hot air balloon belonging to "Virgin" Where I live here in Box is n the flight path of some of the most beautiful hot air balloons and it is always lovely to see them float past, morning and evening weather and wind permitting . However on Wednesday evening I watched the Virgin balloon float over and it was a bit low a few mins. later I had an excited phone call from my sister Sarah...who also lives in the village but much higher up..I am down in the valley...It was to say that the Virigin balloon had just flown past her window very very low and almost hit her deck it then regained a bit of height tried to get over the garden and the one opposite which with great difficulty it did, only to begin to loose height again and try to land in a small hollow. my Brother in Law John said there was not enough space it was with baited breath they watched to see if it could regain height once more...I am glad to say that it did...but it sure caused some excitement. I have other photographs of the flight however I have tried to put them on in sequence but they will insist on all going to the top of the "blog" can anyone tell me how to get pictures to come in the middle of the print ?

It has been an exciting week for a lot of youngsters in the UK as the results of their exams came through. I had a Great Niece and Great Nephew sitting there GCSE's an exam they sit between 16/17 before going on to 6th form and perhaps Uni. There were a lot of anxious faces on Thurs. I am happy to say that Samantha had 3 B's and 3C's and and D...As she has missed a lot of schooling so we were all thrilled to see her do so well. Samantha is a bad diabetic and is also has a celiac diet to follow. Alex my Great Nephew is an extremely clever lad and got 4 A+ and 4A's and an E... so they will both go on to 6th form and on to whatever they hope to do.

Today Mary, our neighbour Muriel and me went to my Niece Barbara's to have our hair cut so we look a bit better tonight, between VERY heavy rain showers we managed to drive to the travel agents to collect our air tickets etc. so now we really believe that this time next week we will hopefully have landed in Toronto.

Wishing you all a lovey weekend.



  1. I could make an off-color joke about the Virgin balloon...but don't worry, I won't! ;)

    You should be able to click and drag your pictures to wherever you want them in the text. Good luck! Hugs, Beth

  2. Hey Sybil,

    I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. I think that would be a wonderful experience. I wish I could have been there to see it. Thanks for sharing the picture of it. Have a great weekend. Take care.

  3. How exiting that was. I'm glad the balloon made it safely. Good luck to your young people there with school. It's not easy when you have to miss so that young lady must have tried very hard as she did so well.
    Picture placement used to be easy for me I could click and drag them around but now that is now working for me. The only other option is that you can add text by typing in your words in between pictures. I guess you are getting exited now with your trip so close.

  4. Canada !!!
    Oh gosh - Im SO excited for you both Sybil. I want to hear all about it and see lots of pics when you get back.
    Have a great time, take care, and come back to us safe,


  5. Hello Sybil!!!!
    So pleased to see you Blogging again my dear friend.
    I will be back again soon to read more of your entries. What a delight to find you up and running again.
    Love to you Mary JOhn and Sarah.
    Jeanie xxx

  6. I can imagine it was quite exciting with the balloon. Remember when the balloon landed in our meadow!! That too created alot of excitement, more so for the passengers on the balloon though. LOL.

  7. hi Sybil! love that photo! please come by adn leave comment son my blog hugs