Tuesday, 11 August 2009

What a glorious day we have had, the sun has been shining from early morning and only now is beginning die down. Mary and I went over to Bath today to have lunch with my sister Margaret and husband Mitch. Mitch had a very slight stroke two weeks ago and can't drive for at least another month so we went over to see if anything was needed..it wasn't...So we just enjoyed lunch. It was a chance to try and take some photographs of butterflies of which there seems to have been an abundance this year especially in Margarets and Mitch's garden....or so they tell me !!! There were quite a few about today so I will (try) to share at least one taken in the garden. Well the picture has arived, but not where I thought it would be !!
Help ? can anyone tell me how it could have arrived HERE..not at top ? also I know some photographs can appear in the side bar...HOW ?
I think I am slowly getting to grips with blogger it is a bit different and I don't think..so far..that it is as "cosy" as AOL was but I have found how to get a bit of colour in.....so there is hope for me yet.
Goodnight Gid Bless and never forget to


  1. Butterflys are all around here this time of year too. They are beautiful. Glad you had a chance to enjoy the beautiful day. Hope your sisters hubby is improving from the stroke. They are such scary things. As far as pictures go I can't help much ...I do have problems with that in the main post. I know you can do some text then say insert picture and it should come down but doesn't always do that. On the side bar you go in to the edit section and add things like pictures and text there. I usually do it this way.

  2. What a pretty butterfly!

    I use Windows Live Writer to post my entries. I can get everything arranged the way I want it, then upload the whole thing to Blogger. I really like it. Hugs, Beth

  3. Oh, I do love butterflies. You are coming right along with your blogger skills Mary! I'm impressed!

  4. The photograph is beautiful. If you want to add pictures to your sidebar then go into dashboard and they to layout. Click on add gadget and scan down until you find picture. Upload whatever picture you wish and then click Save. The picture will be there.

  5. jeanette is right, & it's very easy once you try it a couple of times.
    if you need step by step help. just email me with exactly what you need to know. :)

  6. Sybil !!
    Youre back !
    Oh Im so glad - you have been such a friend to me, more than a friend actually - more like a guardian angel.