Saturday, 8 August 2009

New beginings and First Ramblings

Hello Friends,
I once wrote a blog however around a year ago my bogger friends and I were switched of by AOL and although some were brave enough to start again I never did, until now that is. I do not like to be defeated so I felt the time had come when I too should start again. Previous friends who I hope may come by and visit me again will know quite a bit about me so hope they do not get bored if I repeat some things.
Perhaps I should introduce myself more fully . I love in a delightful small village in Wiltshire England. As I write this I can see out of my window a game of cricket taking place on the village recreation park a really delightful scene especially as the sun has been shining all day and as we have had a lot of rain the grass is a beautiful shade of green. The large Chestnut trees are heavy with the nuts and it will not be to long before the boys begin to throw sticks into them to try to dislodge the nuts before they cam begin to play the game we call “conkers “. As well as the cricket players I can see quite a few children playing some on their bicycles and others just enjoying the freedom that a sunny evening can bring.High up in one of the trees I can see a lovely kite that I remember seeing someone fly the other day, obviously it flew in there and they could not get it down...what a shame as it was such a lovely colourful kite. AS well as loving the view from my window, it could almost be called a hobby...gazing out on the rec. !! How fortunate I am to live in such a lovely spot. I came here some 16 years ago after staying in the nearest city Bath fro 10 years. My Mother and I moved down to Bath from my home village near Edinburgh in Scotland. I have two sisters who at that time stayed in Bath and we moved to be nearer them. Mum unfortunately lived only a year after we moved and then for the first time I was left living on my own. I am lucky that we are a close family and my sisters Margaret and Sarah live nearby Margaret in Bath with her husband Mitch and Sarah has now moved to the village with her husband John. We see each other very often and speak every day at least once if not more....Next door to me lives my best friend of over 40 years Mary. You will here Mary mentioned very often as where I am Mary is sure to be as well.. My very fav ourite hobby must be traveling and I have been fortunate enough to have traveled widely throughout the world with Mary by my side. Although we are in the eyes of some people “disabled” it is not a word I think of myself. I travel with my trusty electric wheelchair and Mary has her two elbow crutches but it never deters us from doing what we want. I drive a nice little Renault Kangoo which has a drop down ramp and I can jusy wheel my chair in the back and away we go whenever the feeling takes us. Yesterday for instance we went to Longleat Estate the home of Lord Bath. He opened a Safari Pak there many many years ago and as we had a friend down visiting a couple of weeks ago and took her to see the animals we could still use our ticket to visit the gardens at any time. More about these vists pehaps soon.. And I am sure to write about various holidyas we have taken and will be taking I am sure.
Till next time always remember to


  1. Welcome back, Sybil! I'm so pleased to see you blogging again. I knew you could do it! Hugs, Beth

  2. Hello friend. Thanks for the invite. I will be blogging soon again I hope. I got my license and doing well. God bless. Tammy

  3. welcome home!!! so happy you're blogging again, have missed you.
    have put my name under your followers tag so i can get your updates. if you need any help with anything just holler. :) i may not know the answer, but together we'll find out. lol
    have a lovely sunday & wonderful upcoming week.

  4. Welcome to Blogger, not bad at all when you get used to it :o)

  5. Yay!!! You've come back! I always enjoyed your entries and hearing of the excursions you & Mary took. Lovely to see you on here.

  6. Oh Sybil, I am so glad you are back amongst us, so many have either left or just do not bother to write anymore. I always loved your journal and you are a very welcome addition to Blogger. Whoo hoo, so happy to see you here. xxxxx

  7. Welcome to bloggerville or land which ever. I am delighted you decided to join us. I know you read and leave comments all the time but this will be soooo much better! I love hearing of your travels and will look forward to more news now. Great to see your blog!
    'On Ya'-ma

  8. Hey Sybil,

    First off let me say "Welcome Back" !!!!! Its nice to have you here with us. I hope you stick around for a while so we get to know you more and more and more. I will try to comment as much as I can when you post an entry. Its great to see your blog. Do enjoy your Sunday. Take care and once again "Welcome Back".

  9. Welcome back so glad you have decided to join us I bet it was not neary so difficult as you thought. Lovely entry enjoyed reading all about you as I had just found you a few entries before the move. Again welcome to Blogger. Love Joan

  10. hi, I am an ex j-lander too. welcome!

  11. Dear Sybil, I read your entry and felt like I was sitting right beside you looking out at the countryside. I do not think we have met, but it will be my pleasure to read your entries.
    I am very computer illiterate but slowly getting the hang of it all.
    I look forward to a future trip overseas and to stop for tea with my new-found blogger friends.

    Blessings from ALBERTA, Canada

    Lori (aka ABIceQueen)