Monday, 10 August 2009

Thank You.

What a wonderful surprise when I logged on this morning to see so many wonderful friends back with me. I don't know what I expected ..I should have known you would all still be around Thank you friends.

This has been a fairly quiet weekend. On Saturday as always we start our day by going up to Sarah's for our coffee. It is an amazing thing when I realise how long we have done this, meeting up on a Saturday morning...It all started when we first moved down to Bath 26 years ago. At that time Sarah lived in Bath (as Mum and I did) and she always met friends in a certain cafe every Sat. for coffee and so naturally we joined in....(.actually it had been going on for many years before that as we used to join in when ever we came down on holiday....sometimes there might have been 10 or more of us and in the "old" days children as all mostly married !!) Now that we both live in Box we meet up at her house, and as everyone all the "young" friends are now getting more advanced !! in age, it has gradually reduced and now there is just us !!! nevertheless Saturday would not be Saturday without our visit.
It was such a lovey day that after being up to with Sarah we didn't go anywhere else. Peter our neighbour came along and in the afternoon cut my grass and also Mary's and we had a long natter, mostly about his holiday he has just booked to go to India next March to see the tigers...lets hope when he does see them they don't take a liking to him !!!
Sunday is I think my favourite day of the week. I go up to church, the local Methodist church and meet up with all my friends, I usually end up giving out the notices and hymn books so manage to get lots of hugs..and of course give lots of hugs !! (Sunday is the one day that I don't see quite so much of Mary as she goes to another church quite a way away and she gets someone to give her a lift to get there, and she is not back till later than me, so she has to get herself lunch, I usually see that there is a meal for her in the freezer that she just has to pop into the micro,) After church I go to Sarahs for a delicious Sunday dinner. Sarah is not quite so able now but she has taught John well and he produce the most wonderful food. It is difficult to say what is my Fav. as each week I seem to change my mind to whatever is set before me!! yesterday it was a lovely roast ham with new potato,cabbage,carrots,leeks,and parsnips. To follow as always my very fav. rice pudding, and they also have an alternative as well yesterday was a huge sponge filled with cream and rasperies. after lunch we always have a wee nap before I return back down the hill home. and as it was another glorious day I ended up sitting out on the deck reading a geat book. Mary and I had been invited to a friends,little girls birthday party Erin was 2 yesterday, however when we got there I could not find a parking place near enough for me so I just dropped Mary of and she went herself...I was not all that bothered as Parties and me don't really mix. I have a real horror of going into a room full of people I don't know. I am ok. if I get there first and can just sit and observe the coming and going.. Is anyone else like that ?
So now we are it is Monday and the start of another week. I wonder what it will hold for us all..It's quite an exciting thought really. I know that as it is Monday my best friend Pam will be over....Pam and I worked together when I was in Bath..It is always a good day as we never stop chatting. Mary will pop up to the Post Office to collect our pensions, and then to the butchers for ham for our lunchtime sandwhiches..then today all the way along to the Chemist for my prescription. Good old Mary !!
Well thats it for today. Thank you all again for all your friendships...



  1. You are keeping busy as always. Enjoy your visit with your friend and have a great Monday!

  2. I am the same Sybil. I never was able to walk into a room full of people, I would rather not go that be there last. Have no idea why, but been like it all my life. Glad so many have welcomed you back.

  3. Sounds like a very satisfying weekend routine :o)

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, with lots of friends, fun,! Hmm, which is most important...? ;)

    Most people don't think this about me, but I'm actually very shy. I've learned to compensate over the years, and do okay now, but it's still a struggle for me. I understand your trepidation. Hugs, Beth

  5. Sybil, I'm so glad that you have returned to blogging. Your entires are always so full of good will and love that they make me feel good. You are such a lovely and gracious lady.

    I know exactly what you mean about being uncomfortable going into a room where you don't really know everyone. I'm the same way. I'm much more confident sitting in front of my computer than in real life. I like small gatherings where I know everyone.
    Hugs, Sheria

  6. Oh Sybil, it is so good to see that you are blogging again! I have missed your thoughts and words very much! Your weekend activities sound just wonderful to me. I have always been really shy when in new situations. I know that might seem to be so, from the way I write, but it is a lot easier to be open and outgoing when you are hiding behind a keyboard and computer screen. I think perhaps it is the same for most people. I send love and hugs and sunny wishes! xxoo

  7. Hi Sybil,
    I am glad to see you blogging again, since I know how much you enjoyed it on AOL Journals. I will be checking in to see what is happening in your life. Have a great day, my friend.

    Frances in Texas

  8. Glad you had a good weekend. I think that Saturday's are my favorite. Lingering with coffee with my family and usually no where we have to go. (Lately we've have booked ourselves to the max though). I am enjoying your blog.