Thursday, 20 August 2009

summer days

Hi Friends, I wonder if anyone else thinks that the days and months of this year are flying past even faster than normal. I can hardly believe that half the year is over already. Our summer seems to have been so short....I am still hanging on for a late one to come !!... even the nights are drawing in and I find myself putting the lights on by 9pm...

However quickly the weeks pass sometimes the days can appear quite there an explanation....

We have had a really nice week. On Monday my friend Pam comes over from Bath. (we worked together when I came to Bath and made an instant friendship) there is seldom a week that we have not met up. On Monday she was telling me all about her new computer and feeling real proud of herself as she has managed to get "on the net and surf"!! she and her husband are having a few days away up north, they went yesterday on a coach trip, and she was so pleased to have been able to look up where they are staying even saw the bedrooms of the hotel !!! and the things they will see, it is so good to see her enjoy her computer. while Pam was here another friend came for a visit, Hilda has a cousin who lives near Toronto where Mary and I will be going in two weeks and Hilda's cousin wants to meet up with us which will be nice she was giving us her phone number. Tuesday found Mary and I on our way to Bath by 8.50am, although my appointment at the opticians was not until 10am. I had to get in early to get a parking spot. I had been putting off going for my eye test as I didn't want to buy new glasses and thought that I might have to, however I am happy to report that there is no significant change so new glasses not needed..yipee..After we had that done we had a wee wander round the shops, we didn't actually buy anything but was nice just to browse, we finished up by collecting Mary's shoes that were ready and leaving yet another pair for repair.. Wednesday I spent time in a bank ! Pam was our treasurer of the Wesley Guild and has given up and so a new Treasurer was needed. Sheila kindly stepped in but it meant that we had to have a new account as Sheila wants it closer to her home. what a palaver it was, I have never ever had to many forms to be filled in and questions asked we were in the Bank for over an hour...We were glad when it was all over...well at least we hope it is over, the girl who we were dealing with did not seem all that sure she had got everything but could see that our patience was wearing a bit thin !!! Wednesday happened to be the best day of the week for us it was wall to wall sunshine and almost too least it was to warm for us to sit outside on the deck...but no complaints !! Today as usual on a Thursday my eldest sister Margaret and her husband Mitch came over for their visit (as Mitch still can't drive since his stroke 4 weeks ago) I went to Bath to collect them the traffic was really bad and the 10min... journey took about 20 mins....It wasn't so bad coming out of Bath just going in. Margaret was feeling better today and wanted to do all the dusting etc....who am I to refuse such an offer !!............and so there we are almost another week gone...Sorry there has not been something more exciting to write about....
Maybe I should put my thinking cap on and tell you an exciting thing that has happened on one of our holidays..then.,I will put on a photograph... white water rafting in Canada and I can't even swim !! How about that !!!


  1. So you went whitewater rafting! That sounds like so much fun and something I have often thought of doing but haven't gotten to do yet. It sounds like you had a busy week. And good news on not having a big change with your eyes too. I'd like to see more of the water rafting!!!

  2. Whew, you wore me out just reading about it! :) Cool for you going whitewater rafting! I can't swim, either...was it scary? I'd like to do a mild one, but not a crazy rapids.

    I agree--this summer has just flown by. It makes me sad, because summer is my favorite season! Hugs, Beth

  3. Hey Sybil,

    I hope you are having a nice Sunday. I have NEVER been white water rafting it sounds fun. I wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing your news with us. Do take care.

  4. Athletic Sybil?!!! teehee... LOVE YOU!!!!!!