Thursday, 13 August 2009

Sunny Days

Good evening friends, This will just be a short note as there is not much news and I am actually just trying once more to get somthing on my side a photograph or something !! but despite following instructions...thank you friends as you can see it is still landing within the text....never mind I will sort it our one day !!! maybe...
Yesterday morning found me on my way to hospital in was to the limb fitting department. It has been about three years sinse I was there and my leg needed a bit of it was looking a bit tatty !! not many folks can go in and have a refurbished leg !!
I had also taken my spare one with me as it has never fitted properly and they would not have it that they had made a mistake...this time I took a shoe with me to prove that the foot was the wrong size last they agreed and have now hopefully put the correct size on the bottom of the leg !! They will send it out to me when they have finished it all....fingers crossed. In the afternoon Mary and I did some grocery shopping and that was about all we did. Today Mary was out in the morning to a coffee morning held at the church every week. This is organised by a local organisation called LINK. One day I will go in to detail about what LINK does as it might be an idea that you could take up in your area...This afternoon has been visitors time. First Cait arrived with tales of her stay at her daughters looking after the house rabbit, then Peter came along, back home early from work, the company he works for is having the workmen go computerised so he has had a two day "teach in" just as Cait was leaving, our neighbour Muriel arrived with some damson that Cait quickly said she could use...after Cait went Muriel came back with a bottle of wine for us to share...she does this fairly often of an afternoon after she has taken her dog out for a Peter Mary and Muriel and I are all feeling very happy.
I hope that you have all had a good day. The sun has shone all day again and it has been lovely and warm today, change from yesterday when it was very damp and drizzly...


  1. Sharing a bottle of wine in the afternoon with friends and feeling happy....does it get any better!!!!

    I hope your leg problems are resolved to your satisfaction.

  2. Sounds like a good day, and I got a chuckle out of your refurbished leg! Sometimes I wish I could refurbish mine...! ;) Hugs, Beth

  3. You are a blessed one for sure...a new leg and a bottle of wine with friends and a sunny day! All my limbs are still working although a little squeaky at times, so I guess I'll have to pass on that one. It is a beautiful summer day here though, and I fully intend to get out on the back patio and enjoy it before the sun sets.
    'On Ya'-ma

  4. Sounds the perfect day to me Sybil!! Hope you have a lovely weekend. xxoo