Friday, 14 August 2009

Health Service,

I was not going to make an entry tonight. I do not and don't want to become political, but I have been hearing on every news programme today that one of out MEP's...note Member of the European Parliament a certain Mr. Hannan has been on Fox News saying that he would "not wish our National Health Service on anyone".. He has been condemned by our leaders both left and right.....(I think that Hannan is our answer to Sarah Palin!!) I have been brought up almost entirely within the NHS and in all these many years I have never had anything but admiration for it. Naturally there are and always will be complaints...nobody is perfect...The cost are high and spiralling almost out of control, however this is partly due to costs of medicines and new treatments. It may well be that in the future some of the NHS costs will have to be paid for but I truly believe that always but always we will have free and complete attention when we need it.
I have very little knowledge of the US system of having Ins. etc.( I can only say from one experience I did have was when a relative of mine was in a hospital in the US, in the bed next to him was a young man with a very serious life threatening heart condition. whilst we were there the Dr. came and said his Insurance would no longer pay for treatment so he would have to leave the hospital as soon as possible. I have never forgotten the look of despair on his face and that of his wife and small children...It was a death sentence for that young man...
I read a comment in one of our papers today that I think sums up what I can't:
"I'm an American living and working here in the UK. Anyone complaining about the NHS like this imbecile, should really go to the US and experience my life and lives of my friends.I grew up in fear of being injured and throwing my family into poverty. As a small child I was aware of what my just getting stitches did to the family's budget. A good friend of mine grew up in a terrible neighbourhood and went to a substandard school because his father was in a car accident and they lost everything to medical bills. I was in a serious car accident in 1996. It was a hit and run and my back was almost constantly in spasm. I had to work a strenuous job for 6 months to qualify for the health plan so that I could see a doctor for a referral to a neurologist. Even when I had healthcare, it wasn't free.Consider this when you complain about the NHS. In my opinion, it is glorious. The most I ever wait for an appointment with my GP is a day. If it's urgent I just go to the hospital or the after-hours surgery. I happily relinquish the taxes from my paycheck to fund this amazing service. I wish so strongly that my friends and family in the US could have a service like the NHS.I'm absolutely livid hearing this man talk about the NHS.
So Please when your delegates do have to vote on Pesident Obama's proposal make sure that they are voting for a fair system for all especially those with the least. Sure it will cost but what price can one make on a persons I always finish with the words


  1. I agree with most everything you've said about our insurance and medical. The only blessing is that since I'm working the company I work for pays for it. At 65 we go on medicare which is gov but only pays 80% If you have a supplemental plan it'll pick up the other 20 they say. I've not had to use it and hope I never have to.


    Bravo, Sybil! I did read this morning about that MEP complaining about the NHS, but it seems that thousands of Britons are coming to the defense of their system! I firmly believe that it is part of our moral obligation as a society to care for all of our citizens, and I believe that we will pass some sort of reform. It won't be as comprehensive as the NHS, but at least we'll be able to care for ALL. Hugs, Beth

  3. So well said neither my hubby (Bypass surgery) or myself would be here if it was not for the NHS I had Perotinitis (sorry about the spelling) when I was 21 I would not have lived a life at all thank you NHS. Love Joan

  4. Well said Sybil !!
    Aside from my small battle with NICE, which is a completely seperate issue, I have received the most excellent care from our NHS.
    We dont appreciate how very lucky we are here in the UK and its about time we did.


  5. I could not agree more Sybil. No system is perfect and something that large can never be but I still think it is one of the best systems in the world. Nobody is turned away. When I was diagnosed, I had the diagnosis and the surgery within a week. I know many people who have so much to thank the NHS for and it makes me mad when people knock it, especiall those overseas who have not used it and know little about it. It is a true blessing.