Saturday, 19 September 2009

Photographs, Jane Austen, Bath,

This is a bit of an experiment...I think that you may be able to view all of the photographs that we took whilst we were in and around Toronto. Rather than me trying to put one or two on at a time. You can choose to look at them....or not ..." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" />

I think perhaps you will only have to click on the blue area ? please let me know if you do manage to see anything !! Mind you there are some odd pictures amongs them and some that are fairly good. I have not edited them in any yet...

Now that that is over !! I can start again, How has your Saturday been. It has been a glorious day here in Wiltshire with lovely warm sunshine, we are certainly having an Indian Summer, long may it continue.
As you know on a Saturday we always go to Sarah and John's for our coffee, they had a visitor this weekend who is very much into Jane Austen ( I expect most of you know of Jane Austens books ?) anyway she (Jane Austen) stayed in Bath at one time and there is a Jane Austen Ass. etc etc. Once a year they have a Jane Austen Weekend and this weekend tried, and I would think succeed, to have more couples dressed in costume than have ever gathered together for a parade from the Pump Rooms through the centre of town and up to the Assembly Rooms. It would have been a lovely thing to have seen but we did not go into Bath in the morning. However Sarah and John took Sheala into town and dropped her off and this afternoon Mary, Sarah, John and I drove into Bath and met up with Sheala in the Pump room for a Jane Austen theme afternoon tea. It was really delightful to be sitting there under the beautiful chandeliers, piano playing in the background, surrounded by many ladies and gentlemen dressed in the finery of the day. I managed to get a couple of photographs but have not downloaded them as will see them one day I am sure. Whilst we were waiting for tea...there was a HUGE queue and about a 30min wait.. we left John and Sheala in the queue...Sarah Mary and I sat out in the Abbey Church Yard people watching,when there we were entertained by a very good sounding busker and suddenly there were cries of "make way, make way" and comming along were around 8 very very old style bicycles with riders in suitable attire !! no brakes on these old things !! it was such fun though to see them, and all the people jumping out the way !!
Once we returned home it was still pleasant enough for Mary and I to sit out on the deck and enjoy the last of the sunshine, Peter appeared having been at a football match this afternoon and so he stood and had a chat, then another neighbour Rob appeared and joined in the chat so almost an hour passed before we realised it and it was almost time for Mary to go on her merry way back to her own home !! Since then I have been playing about with the photographs ! and I am now going to watch one of my favourite TV programmes called "Casualty" it has just returned for the Autumn/winter season.
So it is good night from me xx



  1. Hey Sybil,

    From some of the pictures your trip looked wonderful. I wish I could have gone with you. I am a huge huge huge huge huge Jane Austen fan. I do wish I could have joined you. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. Do take care.

  2. I was able to view the pictures by clicking on "View All." I loved the flower pictures, and the one of the lizard!

    I can't imagine riding a bicycle without brakes. Yikes! Hugs, Beth

  3. I couldn't see the pictures but it does all sound so lovely. I will try again later. Sometimes that is all it takes for one reason or another. Now that we have less daylight in the evening I may even turn my tv on...I cannot remember the last time I used it as we'll often sit outside til almost dark and then I need to head for bed.