Saturday, 12 May 2012

cruise part 1

Good Evening Friends.

How are you all, it seems an age since I was last here giving you any news but time just seems to fly when you are having fun...and fun I sure have had these past three weeks or so. As you know it was cruise time for Sybil and Mary again and so on Sunday 22nd. April we were whisked down to Southampton, Peter driving us down in my car ( it is easiest using ,my car to transport the wheelchair) Soon we were aboard the independence of the Seas. The same cruise ship that we were on last Sept. It was great to be aboard and knowing where everything was, made it all the easier to get around. Our cabin was not quite ready so we made our way to one of the cafe's and had some lunch before making our way to the 10th “floor” where our cabin was, it was identical to the one we had last time but one level up. Before we left port we had the mandatory safety drill, was it my imagination or were there many more attending the drill....maybe the grounding of the cruise ship recently had something to do with it !!

6pm was dinner where we met 4 very nice table companions an elderly couple (who came from Trowbridge a village only about 7 miles from us here in Box) and two ladies from near Manchester. After dinner we went along to the theatre for a Welcome Aboard Showtime, it was very good and from there it was, for Mary and me, bed time!! ( I have to say that it would appear that the ship wakes up after about 10.30pm but that is not for me !!!)

Mon. dawned nice and sunny but a bit breezy...The Captain's voice then came over the tannoy welcoming us aboard for the second time ! And to inform us that we were going to hit some stormy weather going through the Bay of Biscay and that there were anti sickness pills available for anyone who might need them ...mmmmmmmm.....Mary and I decided we would be ok, probably woudn't be too bad anyway..famous last the day went on the seas did get a bit rougher and by mid afternoon the Captain once more informed us that he was locking all the outer doors as a preventive measure as he didn't want anyone swept overboard....laughs galore !! by now the people wandering around seemed to drift away ( to their beds/cabins? Perhaps ?) Mary and I found our fav. Cafe on the promanade and a front seat so that we could watch the antics of various people as they tried to stay upright...then we heard crashing sounds as glasses went flying from a table nearby, next the shops closed as the wine and spirt bottles were in danger of flying through the air etc etc etc... At dinner that night we were two down as our friends from Manchester were in their cabin ! I wonder why ? I admit that mary and I did have an earlier night than usual that night....well there was not a lot going on. The storm grew ever wilder, we had a TV in our cabin where we could watch the forecast and see the wind speeds etc. also the ships speed which had dropped from aprox 19 knots to 7knots. I have to say that both Mary and I found it all quite exciting especially later when the Captain informed us that at one point the wind had reached hurricane speed, and it had been the worst spring storm he had ever had in the Bay...just think we survived it all.    If you are interested, Mary, when the ship started to roll a bit just stood stock still and anchored her two crutches and feet as firmly as she could and waited till it leveled out again...only a couple of time she found herself grabbing the wall !! Because of the delay in getting through the storm we were unable to visit the island of Maderia which was a pity as I especially would have liked to see the spring flowers that it is famous for at this time of the year.

This has gone on long episode  tomorrow.

Good night God Bless.....
.Love One Another


  1. Wow, what an adventure! We loved our cruise in 2007 and are looking forward to another one in the next few years...I hope we don't have that kind of storm, though!

  2. The Bay of Biscay in a storm!! No thank you! I am a terrible traveller and I would have wasted the money I had spent on the holiday, as I would have been talking to the 'big white telephone' the whole journey. lol
    Well done to you both for hanging on in there! You are better women than me ' Gunga Din! lol
    I'm loking forward to the next episode. That's if my 'puter'behaves itself.
    Jeanie xxxxx

  3. Sounds like you've had an exciting start to your cruise, Sybil. Looking forward to further instalments.


  4. That would not be what I'd want to have on a trip either, but we never know what the weather will do so we take our chances and hope it all works out well. Hopefully the rest of your cruise was a little bit calmer.

  5. I wouldn't have done well with the weather, either. I am so sorry you missed Madeira. We were fortunate to get there last winter -- and it is lovely -- though we missed Morocco because of the political situation. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip. Thanks for your prayers and good wishes!

  6. Sybil! That is the exact same ship Todd and I are going on in September! I hope we don't get any nasty weather. I am a person who gets ill just sitting on a swing. I am going to have to dose myself up with something I think! Todd is so looking forward to this cruise. I am a bit more cautious about it. I hope we will be ok. It sounds like you and Mary are enjoying it thus far, despite the stormy seas! Can't wait to hear more! xxoo

  7. I go along with most of the comments Sybil.I would have been terrified.I never fancied cruising at all.I love boats etc,but not sailing on them.If I came down in a plane,I wouldn't know anything.If the cruise ship sunk,I wouldn't fancy being left in the water,were that to happen.No fear,I'll stick to flying or touring coaches.So happy you managed to get through it OK.Looking forward to the next episode.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  8. Wow how exciting I would have been like you and try to weather the storm (no punn intended !! hee hee),and people watch ,sounds a bit like a trip we made across the Irish sea one time an adventure , of course not as big or as strong but gives me an idea of how it was for you ,but still like you I enjoy people watching , I look forward to the next edition Jan xx

  9. Oh boy you and Mary are just two funny. I love how you two travel and have so many fun adventures together. Now if that had been me with that kind of winds I probably would not have been as calm as you guys. lol
    The whole time you were gone I was praying you guys were safe and having a wonderful time.
    Can't wait to read the rest of your travels.
    Love ya