Sunday, 13 May 2012

cruise update 2

Good evening again. What a lovely sunny day we have had here it has even been quite warm !! forecast says back to rain tomorrow !! Have made most of the day though, after church and lunch Peter and I visited a Nat. Trust property near here in the village of Lacock where they were having a “hawk” experience day...more about that sometime. But before I forget I will get on and try to get the next episode of cruise        Lol

I finished episode one just as the worst of the storm left us and the Captain decided to that we would not stop at our first scheduled Island .... Madeira...We were all rather disappointed as we had been looking forward to seeing the many spring flowers there. However as we had ..lost...7 hours sailing time it was the best way to just go on to our next stopping place which was the largest ( I think) Canary Island...Gran Canaria..We were fortunate to have been able to book wheelchair friendly transport for each island that we stopped at, as soon as the ship docked we were were I think most people, probably glad to be on tera firma after the storm !! Our coach took us first to a town called Maspolamas where we had an hour to look around, to be honest there was not a lot to see but we did have a stroll round a shopping centre, back on the coach and along pretty roads the eventually took us down and round many corners to a pretty village called Magan. I could have stayed there quite easily it was so pretty, the houses all led down to a small harbour full of yachts etc.the streets were all narrow lined with white and pink painted houses festooned in beautiful flowers the bougainvillea was particularly gorgeous. We managed to have a bite to eat in a little cafe in a square whilst being serenaded by a lady playing pan pipes..just perfect..All to soon it was back on the coach and back to the ship. Our next stop was the island of Tenerife, Our coach took us high up into the Canadas national Park it has a rather bleak barren volcanic rocky terrain. We stopped for coffee one point and the ..rain came down !! we were informed that it had only rained twice this winter!! this was the second time, Thankfully our driver drove on to another very nice cafe where we were served lovely coffee and biscuits...and even better, was that the owner would not take any money from us !!

Next day found us at Lanzarote. This island is different from the other canary Islands, in fact different from anywhere on the planet. It has an unusually striking appearance, often descibed as Lunar or Martian like. The landscape the result of the islands volcanic origins.As the climate is very dry and there is little erosion the terrain looks much as it did right after the last major eruptions in the 18th and 19th centuries.We really enjoyed this island and found it fascinating..we were driven into the Timanfaya National Park and when we reached nearly the top we stopped at a restaurant for coffee and were able to see just how close the the surface the volcano still is as it was only about 2 feet down the we were able to gaze in wonder at the still hot lava...A guide gave us a handful of gravel like stones and they were to hot to hold in ones hand I had to throw them from hand to hand till cool enough...this after the last eruption in I think she said 1802 or thereabouts. On our way back down it was great to be able to take photo's of the lava flow etc. and near the bottom to stop at a vineyard, where we were given a lovely of wine !! I will leave to next time the description of how the vines are grown quite unique to Lanzerote.
So there we are part two...I will try to get the final part written tomorrow!!
God bless  and remember to


  1. Loving the description of your escapades Sybs. Having sailed through the bay of Biscay on a tanker many years ago, I can fully understand how so many were feeling unwell. So glad you wern't affected that way, and most of all that you stayed safe. Eagerly awaiting the next installment...

  2. Well at least you finally got moving Sybil.Sounds interestng except for the rain,blah we get enough of that here at home.Plenty coffee so thats good too.How kind you got one for free.Not liking heights I don't think th evolvanic trip would have suited me.Looking forard to th enext episode.Have a lovelyevening.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  3. Sounds great, lots to see and lots of coffee breaks Jan xx

  4. You did have a lot to see there. Lava still hot after all those years is amazing. It will be interesting to see what adventure you got into next.

  5. How lovely Sybil. I have always wanted to see the Canary Islands. I hear they are quite beautiful. Sorry you all had to skip Madiera. I am stressing a bit now about 14 days on a ship. I hope I am not sick. The very thought sounds like hell to me. :-( Sun is shining here so far this morning. I hope it sticks as Todd is taking me in to town later for fish and chips!

  6. There sure was plenty to see Sybil! I wouldn't mind a holiday to the Canary Islands one day. If only for the sun, instead of this blasted rain and cold! lol Our weather doesn't seem to want to make its mind up these days. Who is the chap in your header photo. Is that the captain?
    Hugsies to you and Mary.
    Love always
    Jeanie xxxxx

  7. I always wanted to visit the Canary Islands. I bet it was just beautiful. Sorry you had to mis the spring florwers on the first scheduled stop.
    Sounds like a lovely trip for you and Mary.
    I have missed you