Monday, 14 May 2012


Hello Friends,

After another lovely day here in Box we are just having a wee shower of rain, this will help Peter as he thought he might water the potato plants tonight !!

Now I better get the last part of the cruise story down before it all becomes a distant memory !!

The island of Lanzarote certainly was different from any other I have visited in many ways and certainly in the way that they grow the vines that make the lovely Spanish wines. On our way down from the top of the Volcano (one of only about 10 on the island) we stopped at a vine yard where we were all given a glass of was very nice !! pity it was only one LOL. All around was the vine growing area which stretched up the side of a hill. The “earth” of course is volcanic and so a very dark colour almost black actually and the vines are not grown in the normal “lines” but are enclosed in quite small horse shoe shaped walls built from the volcanic rocks. There is an indent in the middle where the vine is planted and where they grow protected from the dry winds, any moisture is retained within the hollow...I have put on a picture but they are not exactly as clear as I had hoped. Anyway Lanzerote was good so good were our guides that they did not realise the time we had taken and we were supposed to be back on board our hip by was 1.30 when we rolled up !! we were rushed aboard and almost before we were on they were bringing up the gang plank !!!

Our last stop on the trip was Vigo which if you look on a map is in the top left hand of Spain. We stopped there last year. We did not organise a tour as we knew just where we were going and knew that we could get around the town fairly easily. It is only a short stroll from the ship and although once again it was not as warm as one would have expected at this time of the year in Spain it was ok for getting around. The town is actually in two parts the lower area and much higher part. To get up to the top part one can take a lift (elevator) in a shopping complex up to the 3rd. Floor and exit from there take a walk across a bridge and there you are at the top of town..once up there we were met by a Spanish band ?....well they seemed to be enjoying themselves !!! then we headed back into the shopping mall for the usual coffee...and back on board our ship....

You may be interested in some facts about the independence of the Seas..

it is 1,112ft long, 185ft wide, has 15 passenger decks,14 elevators,aprox 3,634 guests, 1,360 crew. The Alhambra Theare holds 1,320, 3 main dining rooms hold between them 1,885 guests, of cousre there are another 4 eating places a self service area that holds 774 a cafe with 74 and two smaller dining rooms as I have never been there don't know how many they hold !! so it is all in all a pretty large ship. It amazes me that especially when the sun is shining most of the areas look fairly empty !! oh I forgot there is also a British style pub and a champagne bar !!!

and so the story ends...where it started back in Southampton where Peter was waiting to bring us home.

Next time I come back I will tell you what we have been up sinse we came home which has been equally exciting !!

Love One Another .


  1. It's a very dull and windy start here this morning in my part of the country Sybil,this Tuesday morn.How interesting to know how there vines are grown.Different as you stated.It looks very dark and barron to me,I think I much prefer somewhere more colourful on tours when visiting other countries,this type of scenery would depress me slightly,but thats just me.Happy in that the rain saved Peter a job of watering the flowers.In all it sounds you had a good time and enjoyed your cruise and the ship sounds wonderful.Have a great day today.Take Care God Bless Kath xxx

  2. Loved this last edition of your cruise news! I am looking forward to taking this same ship in September and will think of you when I am on it, and wondering, if you and Mary trod those same steps as I will be! I bought myself some seabands yesterday, which I am hoping will help. They are little wrist bands you wear on your wrists, which are supposed to help. I will also bring along lots of motion sick mediciments as well! Don't want to take any chances! Sunny/rainy etc. here today. A real mixed bag! Have a great day! xxoo
    PS - that does look very dark and barren to me as well. Not sure I would fancy that! It's almost spooky!

  3. What another great entry,fancy having to build all those little walls ,but if it helps the grapes then yes very clever , the ship sounds amazing ,I am pleased the ship didn't leave without you hee hee Jan xx

  4. I enjoyed Lanzarote, too. I liked it so well that I've thought of going back for a longer stay in the future. It's gloomy here, too, and I will be off to work. I'd rather stay and visit with my blog friends. Hugs and thanks for sharing your trip!

  5. You nearly missed the boat???? hahaha! Trust you two! lol
    That was interesting about the vineyards. I suppose the walls help to keep the minerals from washing away too. You take off to the most interesting of places. I so love living through your travels and escapades my lovely friend. It's a real pleasure.
    Thanks or sharing.
    Jeanie xxxxxx

  6. You didn't really want to come back to Blighty, did you, Sybil? ;-) Good to hear you had such a whale of a time.


  7. Oh Sybil I am thrilled that you had such a delightful trip.
    I can't imagine seeing all of this.
    I had to laugh about only one glass of wine. lol
    Your trip sounds so fascinating and beautiful.
    Can't wait now to hear what you have been up to since coming back home.
    Appreciate the Birthday wishes. It helped having my big day fall on Mother's Day this year so it really just felt like we were celebrating Mother's Day. lol Helped me not to feel older.
    Glad your home safe and sound
    Love ya

  8. Hello dear Sybil
    Thank you for coming by today. So glad your going to try my grandmothers recipe. It is a 1/2 cup of butter that is equal to one stick. Sorry I forget I have friends not from here. lol
    I have to tell you honey I have eaten so much of this pie I made I am ashamed for doing so. I should never ever make it again unless I have help eating it.
    Loved reading about your trip. I just wish I lived where I could chat with you while having a piece of pie. haha
    My friend Gretchen wanted to call you while she was in London or out of London at the University but her boyfriend flew there with her so she never called but is going back in July. Oh how I wish I were going with her this time. haha
    I showed pictures of her today on my site because she surprised me last weekend at my sons house.
    Take care dear Sybil and have wonderful week.
    I need to figure out if you and I could talk on the phone sometime.
    I am not smart enough to figure out how to do it,
    Love ya

  9. What a wonderful time you must have had. Maybe someday we can plan a cruise together. Wouldn't that be fun. Some of my clients want me to plan a baltic cruise and some want to do Alaska with a land tour. Would you be interested in either of those?

    I've not been on Independence of the Seas. She sounds wonderful. I am so glad that you got to have such a nice experience. Have a great week. Hugs, Lura